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Protect Our Planet

Climate Action Workshop Series                               San Diego, CA

These workshops bring in experts to simplify the confusion surrounding climate change and clarify the far-reaching implications.  The information overload surrounding climate change is daunting and leads many of us to suffer from “analysis paralysis.”  This workshop series will alleviate anxiety by supplying attendees with feasible actions they can incorporate into their everyday lives.

Join us as we dive into the multifaceted implications of climate change, discover new approaches to curb its effects, and learn how we can all be a part of the solution.  In each workshop experts will break down complex issues, present the latest technological innovations, and discuss simple, attainable solutions.  You will meet and mingle with fellow concerned citizens, discuss solutions with experts, and connect with local innovators to preview the latest advancements, including those in the built environment.  

Sewage Site Evaluation

September 21, 2019

Film Name

Topic (Water)

Ocean Acidification

Sewage // Run off // Development


Showers to Flowers


Headline Speaker

Sillouette of Wind Turbine

September 28, 2019

Film Screening

Topic  (Food Justice)

Food // Composting // Agriculture


Description of Topic

and  associated 



Headline Speaker

Zero Waste Shop

October 5, 2019

Film Screening

Topic  (Zero Waste)

Food // Composting // Agriculture


Reduce & Reuse



Headline Speaker

Beautiful Landscape

Coming Soon!

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Tropical Leaves
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