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Transforming Divers into Citizen Scientists


EcoSea Expeditions turns an ordinary dive vacation into a marine science adventure and provides a deeper understanding of marine ecosystems.

We are changing the way tourists interact with the coral reef.  We teach divers to see with a quantitative eye and explore with intention.  We show our divers how to appreciate the wonders of a coral reef with an ecological perspective.  Our divers learn to assess coral reef health and their efforts contribute to a greater understanding of coral reef resilience.


Divers work alongside local marine biologists to carry out coral reef research and monitoring.  Our divers learn to conduct scientific surveys using SCUBA as a tool.  Each expedition includes diving and snorkeling, scientific methods training, marine ecology seminars, and discussion on how the data makes a difference. Training is organized so that everyone can get comfortable performing surveys and dive into the research!  









Protecting Paradise through Tourism

We are redefining travel by connecting tourism with research and conservation.


Long term monitoring projects require tremendous funding and personnel, two resources that are the most challenging for small island nations to obtain.  

By joining a citizen science expeditions, divers not only get to explore famous tourist sites, they get exclusive research privileges on protected reefs while becoming the personnel who delivers critical biological data. 

The vacation becomes the solution!

Cultivating Ocean Stewards

Our expeditions personalize the connection between people and life within the ocean. 

Over 70% of our planet is ocean. The ocean’s massive coral reefs, coastal wetlands, kelp forests, and expansive seas provide habitats for an extraordinary variety of marine life. However, our oceans are at risk from a number of growing threats.  

  • The effects of increasing temperatures and ocean acidification creates unprecedented levels of coral bleaching.  

  • Careless tourism activity from boat anchors, snorkelers walking on the reef, or divers running into corals accelerates reef degradation.

  • Increased coastal development increases sedimentation, erosion, and pollution further damaging coastal reef habitat.


The majority of tourism activity is concentrated in coastal zones.  If significant action is not taken, the effects of climate change, irresponsible coastal development, and careless tourism will devastate coral reefs and ocean life.

People protect what they love.  Fostering a deeper understanding of marine ecosystems and promoting hands-on involvement is a call to action. EcoSea connects eco-conscious dive operators, local research organizations, and pioneering resource managers to create Palau's first citizen science expedition.

Our marine biologist conducting a coral survey 

People protect what they love. 

~ Jacsques Cousteau

A volunteer spots a rare sighting after completing a survey 

A Citizen Science expedition is the perfect way to get involved, give back, and participate in preserving the places you love.

Enhance your vacation with a marine science adventure

Participants are avid divers who want a unique experience with postive impact.  Our expeditions bring meaning and purpose to dive travel.  We provide a way to give back and accomplish something remarkable all in one vacation.

Take on a new challenge and become a marine citizen scientist.   You'll return home with a new skill set, a new outlook on marine ecosystems, & the achievement of contributing to influential research. 

Learn coral reef ecology and dive like a marine biologist.


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