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We believe in a resilient future...

EcoSea  Expeditions 


Our Mission ... is to create ocean stewards by personalizing the connections between people and life within the ocean.


Our Goal ... is to improve sustainable practices in marine resource use by empowering individuals to influence global environmental solutions.      


Our Vision ...   A global network of Ocean Stewards ...

is to establish a network of marine citizen scientists dedicated to understanding, preserving, and contributing to the protection of marine ecoystems.

Join the team and learn to appreciate the wonders of 

a coral reef with an ecological eye.  

Bonus beyond Science...

Our expeditions explore pristine reefs not accessible on standard tourism trips.  You will be able to experience totally different habitats to that found on the outer reef (tourist sites).  We will explore shallow lagoons where corals form delicate thin branching networks, fish behavior changes, and strange new invertebrates venture out of the crevices.  You will experience first hand the ways in which calm waters of the lagoon afford a different life existence and species assemblage than the rushing currents and strong wave action found on the outer reef.  Snorkel surveys will take you across a unique back-reef ecotone where coral height is limited by shallow water and frequent exposure to sun & air.  


You will explore seagrass beds where the rare Dugong is known to feed.  Dugong, or "Mesekiu" in Palauan, are a culturally significant flagship species of Palau.  Palau is host to the only Dugong population in Micronesia.  The closest known populations are found in Indonesia (800 km to the south) and the Philippines (1000 km to the west).  With a population of only a few hundred, the Mesekiu are the most threatened population in the world.  We will document any sightings and record evidence of feeding patches.  


People protect what they love. 

~ Jacsques Cousteau

Dugong face.jpg

Our Objectives: 

Connect people to oceans through impact travel, and motivate personal actions to improve ocean health

Our expeditions engage people of all backgrounds in ocean conservation.  We deliver unique, life-changing travel experiences through citizen science research programs and nature expeditions.


Define and implement strategies, tools, and methods to activate and sustain behavior change

- We work with leading social media experts and world-building practitioners to define and implement techniques to motivate and measure consumer behavior changes relating to climate change, plastic pollution, and sustainable seafood. We use storytelling and flagship species conservation to engage people and stimulate action. 


Leverage and amplify our impacts to new audiences 

- Our expeditions foster multinational partnerships between research institutions  local communities, and the tourism industry.  We develop collaborative projects through interdisciplinary programs at universities, the non-profit sector, private industry, and community colleges.

EcoSea's Global Future


Big Picture...We seek to address climate change, ocean acidification, and environmental impacts through interactive experiences that foster critical thinking and connectivity long after the expedition ends.


EcoSea's global goal is to empower ordinary citizens to influence environmental solutions through two outlets; our Citizen Science Expeditions and our Climate Action Workshop Series (CAWS).  The expeditions transform tourism into education and scientific collaboration while facilitating direct impacts on conservation policies.  Our CAWS simplifies the confusion surrounding climate change and provides ordinary citizens with practical actions they can incorporate into their everyday lives.


Climate Action Workshop Series                            San Diego, CA                            Fall 2021


Our Climate Action Workshop Series simplifies the confusion surrounding climate change and clarifies its far-reaching implications.  The information overload surrounding the causes of climate change is daunting and leads many of us to suffer from “analysis paralysis.” This workshop series will alleviate anxiety by supplying attendees with feasible actions they can incorporate into their everyday lives.


Join us as we dive into the multifaceted implications of climate change, discover new approaches to curb its effects, and learn how we can all be a part of the solution.  At each workshop experts will break down complex issues, present the latest technological innovations, and discuss simple, attainable solutions. You will meet and mingle with fellow concerned citizens, discuss solutions with experts, and connect with local innovators to preview the latest advancements, including those in the built environment.



Our commitment to Sustainability

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Carbon offsets

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